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    What do FYFs protect me from? What about puncture?

    FYFs are abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant (not proof) and FYFs are NOT puncture resistant. Needles and needle-like objects like sea urchins can and will penetrate, please be cautious.


    Can I use them on tarmac / roads / hard surfaces?

    Yes, yet we do not explicitly recommend it as lifetime is best on soft surfaces, but it can be done. Expect a shorter lifetime as abrasion is obviously higher on hard surfaces, we are beta testing a lot in this direction, feel invited to email us through below button to find a customised solution for wearing FYFs in highly abrasive environments, we have some promising ideas ready.


    What about isolation? In winter, cold temperatures?

    We recommend do only what you can bear completely barefoot, they do not isolate and are permeable to water, (supposed to be) so officially we have to warn from winter usage, those who do (quite a few!) know what they are doing in terms of safety and their trainable blood circulation, we love to give out all details possible and then emphasise personal responsibility.


    What is the difference between the high-peak and low-tide style?

    Both are unisex and equal sizing, just the seam height and color is different. The protected area is the same, only the grey area contains the protective 46.5% Dyneema® yarn.


    high-peak low-tide
    red, high seam above the ankle black, short seam
    ends above ankle (with average fit) ends below ankle (with average fit)
    works better on beaches with loose sand, i.e. surfing, kiting in average preferred by women as more female looks after social standards


    Which size should I choose?

    Check our sizing chart here:

    XS EU 36-39 US m 5-7 US w 6-8
    S EU 40-41 US m 7-8 US w 8-10
    M EU 42-43 US m 8-10 US w 10-11
    L EU 44-46 US m10-11 US w 11-12
    XL EU 46-49 US m 11-14 US w 12-14


    FYFs generally stretch very well, hence fit many shoe sizes. Please mind that to return them and exchange them for another size, they seal should not be broken. If you broke it already and have sizing issues, contact us. We will find an acceptable solution. 


    How do I take my FYFs on effectively?



    Can I use them with webbed toes?

    No. FYFs have a FIVE toe design, and it would hurt to wear them, as the fabric pulls in between your webbed toes. Contact us for quotes on customisations!


    Are FYFS available worldwide?

    We ship worldwide, everyday, from US and UK based warehouses.


    Which payment methods are accepted?

    We offer credit card payments, very secure via stripe, and BTC. PayPal is not an option.